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Do I train with VAXA FITNESS and what times are the sessions?

No. This is online training. Which means it's completely remote. I have online clients all over the world, who can join me inside the 12 week group at any time. 

Do I need a gym?

Phases one to three all have both a gym and homework out plan. For best results I suggest both male and female members follow the weights programme provided, to be carried out at your own gym. 

Is this suitable for vegans? 

Vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, intermittent fasting. This nutrition plan suits anyone and everyone. This is an educational process based on all the foods you already eat, with a few tweaks. 

"Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime"  

How many training sessions do I need to do?

I give you the best case scenario. Which is 4 sessions a week. If this isn't possible, like my entire nutrition and training ethos, you need to find what fits your lifestyle to make it sustainable. If you can only do 3 sessions, then do 3. If you can only do 2 then do 2. I would much prefer you to do what you can comfortable do, and maintain it, rather than trying to do what I tell you, and struggle, fall off the wagon, and quit the plan after 2 weeks. That said, 4 would be perfect. 

I don't lift weights. Will I be ok?

You'll learn new skills, and massively benefit from it. Weight lifting produces more shape, rather than just cardio, to the body. You'll get much stronger, feel and look much stronger, and become more confident too. 

I'm a fussy eater. 

The nutrition plan has lots of freedom, with just a few rules you need to abide by. There may be a certain level of 'growing up' to do, but ultimately you have lots of freedom and choice.  

How often do you speak to us or do you send the plan and leave us alone for 12 weeks?

I am inside the online community on Facebook. Here you'll have access to both myself and the other members for daily support, live videos, Q+A sessions, daily interaction, weekly updates and you'll also have the opportunity to ask me questions personally on anything health and fitness related. Pick my brains if you want to learn! 

I work night shifts. Will I be able to do the training sessions?

There is flexibility within the training plan. I suggest 4 sessions a week. Feel free to complete the training sessions as and when you see fit. 

What supplements do I need to take?

There is a list of key supplements I suggest and explain why. Everything is covered to get you the best result. Training, lifestyle, nutrition and supplement advice is all covered.